Can I register as a new patient at Alverna House?

Can I register as a new patient at Alverna House?

Thank you for your interest in joining Alverna House Dental Practice! We would be delighted to welcome you to our practice, but there may be a wait before we can see you for your first dental examination and hygiene visits.

As a result of the lockdown in 2020 and the subsequent changes we have had to make to the way the practice runs during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are working through a backlog of registered patients who need to be seen for their routine dental care and/or treatments. At the present time we are prioritising children and those at high risk of oral disease.

We are making our way through the current waiting list at a productive pace, so please do contact us with your details and we will add you to the list to be contacted when we reach patients at your level of need.

NHS patients are registered for 3 years following an Oral Health Assessment. Each month we have a few spaces available as patients who have not been in for 3 years lapse their registration. When spaces become available, we will contact those patients on our waiting list and offer an appointment. As we follow NHS national guidance, if patients fail to attend any appointments, they will not be offered further appointments.