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Composite Bonding vs Veneers

Composite bonding has become increasingly popular amongst patients over the past few years; offering an often more natural and less invasive alternative to Dental Veneers. But what is Composite Bonding and how does it actually differ to Veneers?

Composite is a tooth-like material often used for fillings and chipped teeth but which can also be used to perfect the shape and size of natural teeth. Dentists use bonding to make little or large adjustments to your smile either as a standalone treatment or as the finishing touch to a complete smile makeover following, for example, Invisalign and Teeth Whitening. There is very little drilling, shaving down, or damage to your natural teeth necessary with bonding – a thin layer of the composite material simply sits over your natural teeth.

If you are looking for a whiter smile we always recommend that you undergo a course of teeth whitening treatment before we complete your composite bonding. This is because while your natural teeth can be bleached, composite resin cannot. Therefore, we will whiten your teeth to your desired shade before matching your composite bonding to your new whiter tooth shade.

Porcelain Veneers can be an effective and durable solution for patients with weak or damaged teeth hoping to restore a healthy and natural look. Porcelain veneers began to receive a bad reputation in the media after reports of dental tourism gone wrong. More specifically, some patients were travelling to foreign countries to receive cheaper veneer treatment, often at the cost of the integrity of their natural teeth. You may have seen images of celebrity’s teeth shaved or drilled down to small ‘stubs’ onto which veneers would be placed.

This invasive drilling down of the teeth however is not always required when placing veneers. While some drilling will be needed to make space for your new, more perfectly shaped teeth, this can be done carefully and in minimally-invasively to ensure that your natural teeth are not damaged in the process.

If you are considering composite bonding, veneers or any other cosmetic dental treatment, please contact us to book a consultation appointment with one of our expert cosmetic dentists. Alverna House Dental Practice is located in St. Helens, Merseyside.

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