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How Could Dental Implants Transform Your Smile?

Losing a tooth can harm your confidence, making you think twice before you smile. It can seriously affect your quality of life, too – without a complete set of teeth in place, simple day-to-day tasks like chewing food or speaking clearly may become difficult. No one deserves the frustration and embarrassment that a missing tooth can cause. Luckily, implants provide an excellent solution!

What actually are implants? Well, simply put, they are artificial teeth. During an implant procedure, a titanium screw is placed into your jawbone – this acts as a replacement root for the teeth that are no longer there. The titanium implant then anchors crowns or dentures to your gums, just like your natural roots do for your teeth.

Whilst this might sound like a painful and invasive process, it is often simpler than removing a tooth. Implants are inserted using a general anaesthetic, so you’ll feel little to no pain during the surgery – there may be some discomfort and swelling after the procedure, but this should subside in a week to 10 days. After insertion, it takes around six to eight weeks
for the implant to function as a normal tooth does, leaving you free to eat crunchy or chewy foods to your heart’s content!

It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between implants and natural teeth; they will be virtually identical in colour, shape and size. No one will know you’ve had the procedure unless you want them to, which could help to quell insecurities about having lost a tooth in the first place. Plus, with thorough care, implants are designed to last for more than a decade.

When you lose a tooth, your jaw bone will begin to recede over time, eventually causing your facial structure to change. Implants add strength and stability to your jaw, providing
support for your teeth, muscles and bones, all whilst preserving the natural shape of your face.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr Atif Iqbal to the Alverna House team! Atif specialises in implants and has an MSc in Implantology, making him expertly placed to transform your smile and restore confidence. He also concentrates on advanced procedures, such as grafting and sinus lift treatments, to build a solid foundation of bone mass to support the implant. In his spare time, Atif likes to ride his motorbike and enjoys clay pigeon shooting with friends. He also enjoys socialising with friends and going to restaurants and bars.

We’ve seen first-hand the impact that implants have on the lives of our patients. Click here to book an appointment with Dr Atif and get one step closer to your dream smile!

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