NHS Dentistry in St Helens

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NHS dental treatment includes all treatment necessary to secure and maintain your oral health.

From 1 April 2019, if you are not exempt from charges, you should pay one of the following rates only:

Band 1 course of treatment – £25.80
This covers an examination, diagnosis (e.g. x-rays), advice on how to prevent future problems, and a scale and polish if needed.
Band 2 course of treatment – £70.70
This covers everything listed in Band 1 above, plus any further treatment such as periodontal treatment, fillings, root canal work or if your dentist needs to take out one or more of your teeth.
Band 3 course of treatment – £306.80
This covers everything listed in Bands 1 and 2 above, plus crowns, dentures or bridges.
Urgent treatment – £25.80
When you need to see a dentist immediately, it also costs £25.80

These are the only dental charges we will ask you to pay when you are having NHS treatment.
You will only have to pay one charge for each course of treatment – even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it. Following the examination, you will be given a written treatment plan (including costs) for any Band 2 or Band 3 course of treatment.
If you need more treatment within the same charge band, for example, an additional filling, within two months of completing a course of treatment, you will not have to pay anything extra.
There is no charge for repairing dentures or for having stitches removed.

To find out about free NHS dental treatment, see form HC11, Help with health costs, available at your local Jobcentre Plus, or from the Department of Health website at www.dh.gov.uk or at reception. We will provide all the care and treatment needed to maintain your dental health. To find out more about what you can expect, you can:

Ask us for a copy of NHS dentistry in England: information for patients
Go to the dentistry pages on the Department of Health website www.dh.gov.uk/dental
If you are in any of the following groups, you do not pay dental charges.

  • Children and young people under 18, and those under 19 in full-time education at the start of treatment. (People living in Wales aged under 25, or 60 or over, get free dental checks – but not free treatment.)
  • Women who are pregnant when treatment starts and those who have had a child in the last 12 months. (You need to show form MAT B1.)
  • People and their dependants who receive Income Support or Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.
  • NHS in-patients and out-patients for treatment carried out by the hospital dental service. (But there may be a charge for dentures and bridges.)
  • People who are Community Dental Service patients. (But there may be a charge for dentures and bridges.)
  • If you have an NHS tax credit exemption certificate.
  • Some war pensioners – If treatment is connected with the pensionable disability.
  • People on a low income who have a certificate HC2 (use HC1 form to apply – available at reception).
  • If you have an HC3 certificate you may get some help towards the cost of dental treatment.
  • People who receive income-related employment and support allowance (this does not include contribution related employment allowance)

Please bring proof of entitlement when claiming help with the cost of NHS treatment


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